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About Hostel

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Hostel “PAKRI” located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in a small cozy Estonian town of Paldiski with a population of just over 4,000 people, which contributes to the quiet and relaxing holiday.


In the 18th century, in Paldiski was founded Russian naval base, what making the city nicknamed the Russian Baltic port. The Estonian name of Paldiski became official in 1933 then it was finally fixed in the country.

In the 1962nd year in Paldiski was open the training center of nuclear underwater fleet of the USSR, which host two land-based nuclear reactor. In the center at the time employed 16 000 people, what making it the largest training center of its kind in the Soviet Union. Due to its great importance, the whole city was fenced with barbed wire August 1994, until Paldiski left when the last Russian warship.

Even today, 20 years later, the entire city of Paldiski and the Pakri peninsula are covered with empty bins and piles of war debris. The impressive show is created by the numerous thrown military buildings and the become empty houses.

Despite the grim picture of the Soviet past, Paldiski and the Pakri peninsula are able to surprise your lovely travelers, such as spacious beaches and the highest lighthouse in Estonia. In addition, on the peninsula you can find the common guillemot – bird, very similar to a small penguin.

Paldiski can hardly call the typical tourist direction, but he surely should be visited if the Soviet or military history is interesting to you. Also, will like to visit Paldiski fans of the nature and observers for birds. The city is in only 50 km from Tallinn, and to reach here rather simply.

Near Paldiski the cities are located: Noaroots, Nyva and Tallinn.