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General rules:

• Guests, agreeing with these rules of accommodation in Hostel, at arrival pay time of the planned stay, and also bring the deposit at a rate of the cost of days then append the signature. On the end of rest the bed linen must comes back. At departure, if all rules are followed, the deposit comes back in full;

• The administration of Hostel in the presence of empty seats in the room reserves the right to settle guests, isn’t dependent on a floor and age if other isn’t stipulated in advance;

• The provision of hostel facilities is carried out on a prepayment basis. The cost of space, as well as the form of payment is set by the hostel.

Estimated time (checkout time) in PAKRI Hostel is 12 hours:
— Check-in time —13:00.
— Check-out time — 12:00.

• The hostel «PAKRI» and the adjacent territory are prohibited distribution, possession and use of drugs and alcohol. Otherwise we refuse guests in the living;

• In the hostel can bring visitors only by agreement with the administrator, is strictly up to 22:00, and then the Hostels door will closed. If you don’t get on well to closing at any reasons, please notify the administrator in advance;

• It is forbidden to bring visitors in shared rooms;

• In Hostel it is forbidden to smoke;

• Communication between guests and the administrator has to be only in a friendly and business form, increase of tone and any forms of an offensive language is forbidden. The administrator has the right to call outfit protection and require the payment of a fine for violation of internal regulations;

• Obligatory observance of silence from 22:00 till 9:00;

• The Hostel guests are required to comply with all purity. Everything you need for cooking have in our kitchen and in the dining room. We kindly ask that you respect other guests who came after you clear the table, wash the dishes, and ask you to observe the cleanliness of the showers and toilets;

• We don’t recommend to store money, valuable things and documents in rooms. All this you can give the administrator. Storage service free. The administration doesn’t bear responsibility for safety of the personal belongings left without supervision in the territory of Hostel. Bed linen, towels, slippers, are given to you free of charge for the period of your stay at us on a visit, convincingly we ask you to remember it;

• In Hostel it is allowed to play musical instruments and to turn on the music only in coordination with administration. We ask you to listen to music on headphones so as not to bring inconvenience to other guests.

• It is forbidden to store any open food in the general rooms, for this purpose there is a fridge.

• Leaders accompanying the group are fully responsible for the behavior of the group in the hostel, including the material. ЗHostel and property damage will be charged at the rate established by the administration;

• For violation of the rules of behavior in Hostel the administration has the right to move violators at any time irrevocably of payment for accommodation for the current days or to hold the deposit. All disputes, disagreements and requirements which can arise between the Parties, will stop whenever possible by negotiations and according to the Legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Perhaps, our rules will seem to someone too rigid and strict, but believe, we do everything for mutual respect and creation of the friendly and comfortable atmosphere between guests of our Hostel.

We try to improve our work, so we ask you, all comments, suggestions, or complaints direct to the owner of the hostel by mail

+372 58 140 153

We guarantee a response to every request.
We will be happy to help you with any of your questions.

We wish a good rest in PAKRI Hostel!